Injustice 2: Red Hood Not Included On The List, Will Be Available as DLC?

By Dez Bryant , Jan 24, 2017 07:12 PM EST

NetherRealm Studios has released tons of valuable information and trailer with regards to its game Injustice 2 since last week. The most intriguing part of it is the storyline between Batman and Superman.

Although they haven’t announced the specific release date of Injustice 2, we now have an idea on how the game will look like. Thanks to NetherRealm Studios and its fans, we can somehow connect those dots and see why players need to play Injustice 2. They’ve already revealed some of the characters(maybe full list) and there’s one character, in particular, that was not mentioned in any update.

This character might not give a ring to players who just played the game two years ago. However, for some avid fans who religiously followed this game and its comic book counterpart, this character should be added. His name is Jason Todd a.k.a Red Hood. Technically he was introduced in the last installation of the game, Injustice: Gods Among us, but as of the moment, there’s no word if he will be added or not.

Injustice 2: Who Is Red Hood?

This question has been surrounding the internet and the official forums of the game since he was introduced. There are few things that we know about Red Hood. First, he is well-versed with hand to hand combat. Second, he is extremely efficient and deadly with his trusted firearms. Lastly, a tactical leader with a military-like leadership. He is also tagged as the second coming of Robin. The only difference is, his reincarnation develop an evil side that Robin doesn’t have prior to his afterlife.

Red Hood is also the first tagged used to describe enemies of the Dark Knight and it was the very first nickname given to The Joker before he went crazy. Injustice 2 needs to add Red Hood on their lengthy list right now, if not, maybe they can do it once they will release their first DLC of the game.

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