Injustice 2: Darkseid Confirmed, The Tyrannical Ruler Is About To Destroy Our Heroes

After months of speculations, finally, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios confirmed that one of the evil villains in DC will participate in Injustice 2. This is none other than Darkseid.

A lot of players were unglued when they heard that Darkseid will be a playable character in Injustice 2. They already have an array of characters but the addition of Darkseid will make the game even better. Also, this is not the last character that will be added into the game. There are still a lot of surprises from the developers and players might see another forceful villain.

Injustice 2: Who Is Darkseid?

Most of the players especially the younger generation might not know who Darkseid is and I can’t really blame them. This character has not given any break for the past years and bringing him back in the spotlight will be best for the character and the game. Darkseid (pronounce as Darkside) is a Tyrannical Ruler from Apokolips. Comicbook and Video game sites considered him at the top of the list of all DC villains.

Darkseid is very simple. He just wants to create havoc, conquer the universe and destroy everything in his path. He is so famous that he is synonymous with Superman. Darkseid is an imposing character to say the least. Even the Justice League consider him as one of their greatest major enemy.

Injustice 2: Gameplay Intro

As stated, Injustice 2 will showcase your favorite, legendary, DC characters. Players will have to choose a character that they can develop throughout their fights. While most of the players want to play Batman or Superman, other players want to take the other route. Every game or battle that they finish, players will be given the option to equip their characters according to their will. This powerful gear is essential to their characters as it will serve as their main defense mechanism.

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