The Greatest Accesories You Can Pair With Google Pixel

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Although there are a lot of accessories that can be paired with the Google Pixel phone and excel its quality, only a few can be considered as a must have. Photo : Android Authority/YouTube

There´s no doubt that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL were two of the most impressive Android phones last year, considering that they offer customers the greatest performance and a quality quite difficult to match. Of course, both of these mobile devices remains as two of the most incredible right now, but if you want to excel your experience with it, there are some accessories with which you can pair the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

PoserSnap Mobile Photo Studio 

Taking photos is always important while using the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, given the fact that these phones have outstanding cameras that excelled customers expectations. Naturally, to excel this experience you can use the PoserSnap Mobile Photo Studio, which consists of three products that will definitely come in handy.

On one hand, there´s the universal selfie stick, which is clearly one of the greatest accessories you can use to take a good picture and to take the best selfie at the most comfortable way. This one extends 30 inches and can be connected to the Google Pixel´s headphone jack, and you just have to use the shutter button to snap the shots.

Also, this kit includes the Ultra Bright 16 LED Photo Light so you could avoid red-eye and have the best lighting in any situation and every kind of environment. Finally, there´s the Bluetooth remote trigger, which can be pair it with the Google Pixel´s Bluetooth to snap shots remotely at the greatest way possible.

iVoler Ultra-Thin Crystal Clear Case 

When we´re talking about cases, you will definitely need the better to pair it with your Google Pixel phone in order to protect in the best way possible. If you don´t know which one is the greatest, the most recommended is the iVoler Ultra-Thin Crystal Clear Case, given the fact that it has some interesting details that make it unique for this mobile device.

First of all, this case has a precise design that allows responsive presses while looking sleek and minimal, which is a really important detail regarding this accessories. Also, this case has an impact-resistant dual layers, which are constructed from high-grade TPU and Polycarbonate, with premium Crystal clear TPU and a soft rubbery inside layer that protects the Google Pixel phone from drop and scratch, while at the same it has a PC Bumper outer layer that offers grip and encases the mobile device to shield from more rough collisions.

Soundmagic E10C Headphones 

In addition with taking photos, listening to music is one of the most popular activities that people do with the mobile devices since the first time this was a possible option. Nevertheless, once the smartphones started to offering the option to get into the internet and watch YouTube videos, this probably became the number one activity of anyone that uses these products, which means that a headphone was definitely a mandatory accessory.

Given this situation, the most important of this kind that you can use with the Google Pixel phone is definitely Soundmagic E10C, given the fact that this is one of the most comfortable and cheapest you can find in the market. In fact, this headphone offers the best sound quality, which perfectly fits with the greatness you want for your Google Pixel phone when listening to music or watching a video.

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