HTC Denies Working On A Smartwatch

By Victor Thomson , Jan 26, 2017 04:19 AM EST

The rumors about an upcoming Android smartwatch under development by HTC have been denied by the company.

HTC Denies Working On Smartwatch

The Taiwanese manufacturer is one of the few companies out there to not try their hand at an Android-based smartwatch. But now, it seems that it won't be releasing one anytime soon.

According to The Verge, online speculations and rumors of an HTC-built Android Wear watch have been circling for months. However, it appears that HTC wants to set things straight by squashing those rumors with their statement made to Android Police. The statement clearly denies those rumors, saying that the company is not going to have an Android watch.

Rumors about an eventual HTC smartwatch under development have been circulated online since summer 2014. Back then, an HTC design video presented a square Android smartwatch prototype. After over two years of silence, last year some new photos leaked, presenting a new, circular "Halfbeak" prototype with HTC branding and Under Armour.

The HTC's statement leaves some room for interpretation. The company says that it is not developing an Android Wear watch, but this doesn't necessarily preclude HTC manufacturing one for another company such as Google or others, to sell under its own branding.

Why Not An Android Watch From HTC?

According to Android Headlines, HTC has good reasons for giving up its plans to develop the smartwatch. This has much to do with the fact that Android Wear was not very successful. And since the Android Wear "was not a commercial success," the company opted to move on from this project. Last year, only a few smartwatches were shipped and the much anticipated Android Wear 2.0 update has been delayed.

In recent years, HTC has been struggling, so it does make sense to renounce a project that is unlikely to have brought in much profit. Especially if they partnered with Under Armour, many customers might love to see a smartwatch from HTC, but for now, it seems that there's no Android watch in the pipeline.

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