Rumored Mitsubishi Eclipse Teases Before 2017 Geneva Auto Show Appearance

By James Yu , Jan 26, 2017 10:33 AM EST

The 2017 Geneva Auto Show is expected to be an interesting one this year because aside from highly anticipated debuts of new model vehicles from different automakers, the rumored Mitsubishi Eclipse will also be making its appearance. Prior to its scheduled debut however, Mitsubishi has released a teaser for the upcoming new model.

The Compact SUV Is Rumored To Be Named 'Eclipse'

Mitsubishi's days as one of the biggest names in the U.S. market seem to have long passed but it appears that the Japanese automaker is no yet ready to call it quits. According to a report from CNET, Mitsubishi is set to debut a new compact SUV at the upcoming 2017 Geneva Auto Show. Apparently, the new SUV will possibly be known as the next Eclipse. For those that consider themselves fans of Mitsubishi, the word "Eclipse" is a reminder of the iconic sports car that was discontinued in 2011.

The Upcoming SUV Eclipse Teaser

The teaser is like all other good ones released by automakers. It does not reveal much other than a silhouette of the vehicle. There are however, a few certain portions that can be pinpointed. According to report, the upcoming SUV resembles the XR-PHEV II concept that made its debut a couple of years ago in the same event. There are still many things uncertain at this point, which means there is a lot that fans and enthusiasts have to anticipate in the upcoming event.

2017 Geneva Auto Show Debut

The new Mitsubishi SUV that is rumored to be named as the next Eclipse is scheduled to make its appearance at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show on March 7, 2017. Accordingly, details regarding its powertrain options and other things that interested buyers need to know will be revealed at the abovementioned event. This also means that whether or not the upcoming SUV will really enter the market as the new Eclipse will be clarified when it makes its debut.

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