How To Freeze Any iPhone With Just A Blank Text

There is a new text bug that freezes iPhones. And for the people who have their iPhone running iOS 9 and below, you are safe, because this text bug affects iPhones running on iOS 10.0 to 10.3 Beta 1.

What Is It?

Basically, it is just a simple prank that can easily be fixed and not that harmful - it's only rather annoying. Furthermore, there are actually 2 methods: one method which freezes the receiver's iPhone for 15 seconds or less and the other method that freezes the iPhone a lot longer.

But before we talk about the method, here is the link for the text bug, in case you are curious. Don't worry, it doesn't affect Android phones and it also doesn't affect the iPhone that is downloading it. Also, Android phones can send this link to the special people in their life that sports an iPhone.

First Method

Once you open the clicked the link, you will find that there are several links inside. Choose the first link on top. That is the link for the text bug that can freeze an iPhone running on iOS 10.0 to 10.3 Beta 1 for 15 seconds.

After downloading the text, just send it to the person you want to. You can even send it multiple times just to annoy them further.

One more thing, though the first method only freezes the iPhone for 15 seconds, that is not the only thing that gets affected by the text bug. Aside from the 15-second freeze, the iPhone 7 Plus will also be kind of laggy and the status bar on the screen disappears.

For the people who are sporting an iPhone 5s and 6s, there are different effects as well. Aside from the freezing, the lag and the disappearance of the status bar, the notification banner for the text message on the iPhone 5s just sticks and never disappears. Also, if the receiver receives the text bug whilst their screen is locked, it will take quite a long time for their screen to pop up.

The Second Method

The second method's effect is just as the same as the first method, but only more lethal - or more annoying. Specifically, the freezing time is longer. Remember the list of links? Well, the second link below the first link below the first link is the second method.

Fixing It And Other Issues

Fixing is simple, you just have to wait for the freezing time to pass and just delete the message thread. However, in case that the receiver's message app goes blank which is not supposed to happen, go to the link again. There, located at the bottom is the fix for the blank screen.

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