iOS 10.3 Beta 1 List Of Features

iOS 10.3 Beta 1
Apple has finally rolled out the iOS 10.3 Beta 1. Its new features are Theatre Mode, and Find My AirPods, to name a few. Click to know everything about it. Photo : EverythingApplePro/YouTube

For iPhone users, it feels great to know that the long rumored iOS 10.3 Beta 1 has finally been rolled out by Apple.

A YouTube Channel that goes by the name EverythingApplePro has listed all the new possible features of the new OS. In case you want to learn more about them, you can also check out the video embed below.

Theatre Mode

Yes, there is a Theatre Mode, but unfortunately it is for the Apple Watch. What this does is it gives the user access to disable the screen activation with hand movement and any sound projected by the Apple Watch.

Find My AirPods

The iOS 10.3 beta 1 has this app the lets the user locate his/her AirPods. First of all, the AirPods must be connected to the device via Bluetooth. After doing so, activating the app will let the AirPods emit a high frequency picth. Apple also warned not to wear the AirPods when activating the sound, because it can damage your ears.

New Look When Opening And Closing Apps

This feature is not really that obvious and hard to explain, but you will notice it if you're familiar with the previous iOS versions. Basically, when you open or close apps, you get this "sort of a card view that expands and it is rounded on the corners."

New Section For iCloud And Apple ID Settings

There is a new section exclusively for the iCloud and Apple ID. There, you find all you need regarding its options and features.

New iCloud Data Meter Graphic

On the iCloud data, you will find a 'data storage meter.' It gives you an overview of what apps are taking up your data.

iCloud Backup

Scrolling down on the iCloud data screen, you will also find this new feature called iCloud Backup. This is originally called Backup in the previous OS.

iCloud Drive New Look

At the same screen, you will also find a separate option for the iCloud Drive. Back in the previous OS, this feature had its own tab.

3rd Party Apps

Scroll down again and you will find 4 new options. These options are: iBooks, iMovie, Apple Support, and WhatsApp.

More Advanced Options

Scroll down even further for the last time and you will find 2 new options. Aside from the Share My Location which was already there in the previous OS, there is now Look Me Up By Email and another option, Mail.

"Name, Phone Numbers, Email" Tab

There is also a new feature at the Apple ID settings. Go there and you will find a new tab called "Name, Phone Numbers, Email."

Disable Alerts, Notifications And News From Apple

Tap on the "Name, Phone Numbers, Emails" tab. There you will find an option that lets you disable alerts, notifications and news from Apple.

iCloud Drive Tab In Cellular Data

Go to the Cellular Data option. There you will find that the iCloud Drive has its own separate tab which it didn't have in the previous OS.

3D Touch Weather Icon In Maps

In the previous OS, zooming places at Maps will show you the weather temperature for the location. In the new OS, you can touch that little icon and it will give more information such as the hourly forecast of the place and many more.

New Podcast Widget

In the new OS, there is now a new Podcast Widget. On the widget, it will also show the user their most recent Podcasts that they have listened to.

Cricket Scores

Love cricket? Well, Siri can now tell its users regarding the score of cricket matches.

Siri Can Now Pay Bills, Check Payments and Schedule Rides

Yes, Siri does not only have a sexy voice, but is also now smarter than ever before. Regarding how to schedule rides, you can say, "Siri, in 5 hours I want a ride from Uber." With this command, Siri will definitely schedule that request.

Safari Web Apps Will Now Reduce Motion If Enabled

Yes, the new OS lets its users reduce motion on Safari web apps. Essentially, this will lessen the consumption of battery life.

Rate Apps From Setting Build Into Apps

Yup, goodbye annoying pop-up ads forever. Users can now rate apps within the apps without ads popping out of the screen from time to time.

Opt Out Of Ratings And Reviews Prompts

You can also go to the settings for the iTunes and App Store. There you will find an option to disable in-app ratings and reviews.

'iPhone Analytics'

In the previous OS, setting up your iPhone for the first time will show its users a 'Diagnostics and Usage' page. Now, that has been renamed to 'iPhone Analytics.'

Cleaner Layout And Navigation

Go to the Mail app and you will find that the layout has been improved. It has now a cleaner layout and also a more prominent back button.

3 Recent Apps In Carplay

For those who have Carplay, they will notice a new feature. On the left side of the screen, there is a section that shows its users the 3 recent apps that they have used.

Electric Charging Stations In Carplay

The new OS also shows electric charging stations. This is definite a helpful feature for people who have electric cars.

HomeKit New Supports Programmable Light Switches

The HomeKit has new features that are very useful. Check it out, you're definitely going to love it.

Apple File System

The new OS now has a new filing system that is more efficient and optimized. Those duplicate files and cache files problem will be nonexistent anymore. It also gives a more enhanced security system.

There are more features in the iOS 10.3 Beta 1. You can also check out this video.

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