‘Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag' And 'One Piece: Thousand Storm' Mobile Games Released In The West

By Storm Rae , Jan 26, 2017 10:27 PM EST

Bandai Namco has made another announcement and this time, it involves two video game titles. It has been revealed that two mobile games from popular entertainment franchises will be out soon in the West. “Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag” and “One Piece: Thousand Storm” have been available for a worldwide version.

Bandai Namco Entertainment has just revealed the good news that “Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag” along with “One Piece: Thousand Storm” has been made available in several countries outside Japan. The countries range from those in the Southeast Asia and reach up to the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. The said mobile game applications will be released in new English voices and texts to cater to a worldwide audience.

“Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag” is a popular side-scrolling mobile game that has just been recently released in Japan just last year. The said mobile game takes on an action-adventure role-playing video game and for a side-scrolling mobile game application, the animation computer graphic still looks great and is in 3D. The main characters from the popular series team up in this mobile game for players around the world to choose from.

The said mobile game boasts of character and weapon combination featuring Kirito, who wields dual weapons, Asuna who uses a rapier, Leafa who is an expert in using a one-handed sword, Sinon who utilizes firearms, Lisbeth who uses clubs and maces, and Silica who aptly wields a short sword for her short stature. There are several other more characters to choose from who use the katana, bow and even weaves magic spells. The said mobile game is a real-time multiplayer mobile game that is set on an all new original story based on the Japanese version of the game.

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag” are available on both iOS and Android and have already been downloaded millions of times, garnering positive reviews as well. Another good thing about this mobile game is that it free to play and downloading it now will entitle users to special in-game bonuses. It is now available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy as well as countries in Asia such as Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, “One Piece: Thousand Storm” has also just been made available in other countries outside Japan. The said video game stars the famous main characters from the popular Japanese franchise, which includes the infamous Monkey D. Luffy and his gang of misfits. Based on the gameplay trailer of this mobile game that Bandai Namco Entertainment recently released, it is an action adventure mobile game application wherein players can choose from several characters to fight against numbers of adversaries with the sole goal of becoming a pirate legend.

One Piece: Thousand Storm” is a 3D team battle role-playing game that utilizes real-time play of up to three players. This “One Piece” mobile game is also available on Android and iOS. It has been made accessible in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, as well as Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, and Sweden.

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