The NES Classic Mod Can Now Install Over 600 Games

By Edge Ison , Jan 27, 2017 04:00 AM EST

Hackers and modders have found a way to alter the NES Classic Edition and add more titles to its 30-game library with some successfully adding almost 90 games. This time, however, someone figured out to add more than 600 games to the retro console

That's 600 more reasons to go look for a mini-NES Classic.

The developer behind Hakchi2 released a new NES modding tool that has support for over 600 ROMs. The new hakchi2 2.11 can now support folders and pages allowing it to install as many games as possible. So far, the 600 limit on ROMs installed have been breached by the developer.

Is It Safe To Add Many Games?

For those wondering if that many games could affect the NES Classic in a negative way, the hakchi2 developer insisted that "everything [is] working fine including save states". According to the anonymous developer, each folder or page can easily accommodate around 30 to 35 game titles but more than that is not recommended.

Other Features Of The Updated Mod

The modder who goes by ClusterM uploaded the new hakchi2 mod over at GitHub where it was also mentioned that the games will be sorted alphabetically as the folders are created automatically. The hakchi2 2.11 also provides multistep uploading, new patches to fix problematic games from previous mods, and FamiCom Mini support, among others.

Renewed Interest In The NES Classic

According to reports, the renewed interest on the rare NES Classic Edition consoles is highly due to the fact that more games could be added to the NES Classic. With the cord length issues covered by wireless controllers, the remaining problem with the mini NES is its scarcity. But even that is slowly being addressed by Nintendo. In fact, retail stores such as Amazon, GameStop and now Toys R Us have restocked on the NES Classic in the last few days or so. However, they seem to be sold out as soon as they are listed available.

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