How To Check If Your HP Laptop Is Part Of The Recall

HP has been in the headlines lately for the company's recall program. Apparently, HP is also encountering a battery heating problem that could cause its laptops to overheat. This is a very serious fire and burns hazard to its users which are why HP is encouraging each of its customers to participate in the recall if their laptops are affected.

HP's Recall Program For Its Laptops

HP asks its users to recheck their laptop batteries, even those who were initially informed that their batteries are not affected. Nevertheless, if the user has already received a replacement, he/she no longer needs to re-participate in the recall. As per HP's recall web page, the affected batteries are found in some of the HP, HP ProBook, HP Envy, Compaq Presario, Compaq, and HP Pavilion Notebook Computers that were sold globally beginning March 2013 up to October 2016. If you doubt the safety of your laptop or if you think that your device is part of the recall, check out HP's page for the specifics.

How To Check Your HP Laptop

As per LifeHacker, you can download a tool to help check your system and find out if your laptop is part of the recall. Nevertheless, you can also do it manually. If you find that your laptop is affected by the recall, the best thing that you can do temporarily is to remove the battery from the laptop and just use the device without the battery. You just need to connect to an external power to do so. Do take note however that not all of the abovementioned HP computers are affected, but some of them are and HP says that they will provide a replacement for every eligible battery at zero cost. This recall process is an expansion of the recall that took place in 2016, so it's a pretty big deal that you check your laptop even if you think that you are already in the clear.

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