Jumping Spiders Get To See In Color As Opposed To Other Arachnids

By Marion Villareal , Jan 27, 2017 07:38 PM EST

It has been a common knowledge that most animals don't really see things in color, even spiders. Thus, the existence of dazzling spiders has come to question since they won't even see the colors, or would they?

Salticidae Or Known As "Jumpy Spiders" Develop Ability To See With More Colors

Since spiders are widely known not to perceive any colors, it is seldom to see colourful ones of their kind. However, that may not just be the case in all of the spiders since there are a few of its kind that could actually recognize colors when they see them. According to Nate Morehouse who presented his study about these spiders, most of their kind could not perceive beyond the colors of blue, green and brown. However, there are the kinds commonly known as the "jumping siders", or scientifically as Salticidae wherein some possess the ability to see in color. These kinds of arachnids could see the colors red, yellow and orange.

Two Groups Live In Opposite Ends Of The World But Manage To Develop Same Abilities

The researchers have also claimed that this could explain while the male of such kind appear with a dazzle of colors since it is used to woo the female spiders. These colors are splashed across their bodies and faces, and among the jumping spiders, only two groups possess this gift. Ironically, these two groups are not even closely related to each other and have even settled in different Technicolor worlds. One group could be found rarely only in North or Central America while the second group can be found in Australia. Both groups have different ways in developing their retinas but end up with just the same result.

This has been claimed to be a magnificent discovery to have two different kinds of spiders, survive in both ends of the world but manage to develop into having the same characteristics. They both initially don't have much of the ability to see in many colors. However, time has them developed this trait all on their own in different manners and in varied conditions.

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