Apple Forms Part Of AI Initiative With Facebook, Google And Microsoft

Apple Inc. decided to join the partnership on AI, a research group that is largely composed of a corporation that already established the name in innovation and technology. These include Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. The said admission would have been reportedly announced last week. However, it seems like Apple and the Partnership on AI didn't give any comments regarding this.

Partnership On AI Obtains Continuous Growth In Members, Apple About To Join

According to Bloomberg, during the time that the organization was revealed last year, many are speculating that it would have additional members on the group. Some are looking for reasons why Twitter, Intel and Apple are not part of it, though.

It was remembered that many are shocked when Apple introduced Siri, the company's virtual assistant. This made consumers knowledgeable of how AI looks like. Though, reports admitted that it already loses the top as Google and Amazon released their version of virtual assistants.

Reports mentioned that the leading tech company is excited to join the said project. As a matter of fact, it is just waiting about their formal involvement in the organization. On the other side, Tech Crunch gave out the list of individuals who would form part of the board based on their knowledge on AI. These include:

"Dario Amodei (OpenAI), Subbarao Kambhampati (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence & ASU), Deirdre Mulligan (UC Berkeley), Carol Rose (American Civil Liberties Union), Eric Sears (MacArthur Foundation) and Jason Furman (Peterson Institute of International Economics) will participate in the discussions."

Partnership On AI To Set Standards On Artificial Intelligence

The Partnership on AI is currently undergoing the process of clarifying specific areas of work. However, people should expect that the organization would have a write up regarding ethics, inclusivity, and privacy. Sources stated that the meeting would take place on February 2017.


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