Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Slams Trump's Anti-Abortion Rule

Facebook's top woman, Sheryl Sandberg, spoke out on Thursday against President Donald Trump, slamming his anti-abortion executive order. After months of silence, the Facebook chief operating officer publishes her views on her Facebook page. Known for her fierce advocacy on women's rights, Sandberg's criticism have been one of the most anticipated.

Days after Trump signed the executive order reenacting the global gag rule, Sandberg aired her sentiments regarding the issue. She was expected to weigh in much earlier on by women supporters, but the "Lean In" author was conspicuously mostly quiet, even about the recent Women's March.

According to The Mercury News , finally, on Thursday, Sheryl Sandberg posted on Facebook that the order banning US-funded groups around the world from getting involved with abortion will hurt women worldwide. She stresses that comprehensive family planning helps prevent unintended pregnancies and other health issues. “This week’s executive order reinstating the global gag rule will make that work much harder,” she writes on Facebook.

Having started her career working with the World Bank in India, Sandberg have chronicled on Facebook her experiences on foreign-funded clinics which are the only means of medical care of Indian women and children, Yahoo reports. "The last time the global gag rule was in effect, research showed more women who lost access to contraception had unwanted pregnancies and abortion rates doubled," she continues. According to her, the most effective way to prevent abortion is through more family planning services.

Sandberg also says that this rule is stricter than it has been. Her criticism on Trump's recent actions have been sought after becoming something of a feminist leader since publishing her best-selling book in 2013 and founding a non-profit organization for women of the same name. With her recent expressed views on political issues, the name Sheryl Sandberg have started to float around as possible politician.

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