Trump Imposes 'Global Gag Rule' On Abortion After Women's March

US president Donald Trump have greatly expanded the "global gag rule", including abortion, after he was reportedly "visibly enraged" by the massive demonstrations of the Women’s March. Following his gag order on some US departments, he now extends the prohibition on all women. The memorandum signed Monday bans U.S. funding to international groups that provide abortion or even give information about it.

Previously imposed on women since 1984, this rule prohibits any involvement of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) on abortion in order to receive funding from the U.S. for its family planning programs. The order includes the prohibition of organizations to utilize even its own money in providing abortions or necessary medical care. Since it is a "global gag rule", Trump imposes the withholding of health services not only to family planning but also to other health programs such as the provision of condoms to reduce HIV transmission.

The extensive gag rule will also potentially affect the $9.5 billion health budget, including programs focusing on HIV/AIDS to malaria to children’s health. Even George W. Bush's initiative that has been quite successful in reducing HIV/AIDS transmissions may also be defunded. According to PAI senior advisor, Wendy Turnbull, there has been no evidence that the global gag rule reduces incidence of abortion, the Forbes  says.

Tragically, loss of funding from this punishing regulation reduces access to contraceptives of 225 million women all over the world. This might even greatly increase the need for abortion. Also, it could increase pregnancy-related deaths by about 289,000.

According to the WRAL , Belgium is now pairing with the Netherlands to back international fund that allows access to birth control, abortion and sex education for women in developing countries. This is an attempt to make up for the ban on U.S. health funding. Since Trump imposes the most severe gag rule that affects women worldwide, international support have been pouring in.

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