Creative People Sleep More But Don’t Sleep Well

By Rodney Rafols , Jan 28, 2017 02:16 AM EST

Many see creative people to always be thinking of something. A study now shows that creative people have more rest time, but at a cost. Creative people sleep more but don't sleep well.

Creative people see that their sleep time is low in quality. This has been the result of a study made by the University of Haifa. Neta Ram-Vlasov, one of the authors of the study and a doctorate student, has observed that visually creative people have disturbed sleeping, which is also giving them problems during the day. Verbally creative people though get more sleep time and wake at a later time.

The study has made four characteristics for creativity. There is being creative in fluency, which is the ability to produce many ideas. Then there is flexibility, or being able to go from one idea to the next. Then there is originality, or the ability to create unique ideas. Then there is elaboration, which is the ability to build on the idea.

Guiding the study is Professor Tamar Schochat from the Department of Nursing. Also assisting are Amit Green from the Sleep Institute at Assuta Medical Center and Professor Orna Tzischinsky, who is from the Department of Psychology at Yezreel Valley College. The study's objective is to know how the two types of creativity could have different sleep patterns.

For the study, 30 undergraduate students have participated, according to Science Daily. Half of the participants were art students, while the other half were social science students. During the study the participants had their sleep monitored and answered a questionnaire about their sleep pattern. Visual and verbal creativity tests were also given.

The study has shown that participants who are more creative visually tend to have a lower quality of sleep. Those who had low quality sleeps had sleep disturbances as well as daytime dysfunction, as News Wise reports. The verbally creative participants have more sleep time and would wake up much later.

Sleep is important to people, though for some people sleep could be hard. Creative people could sleep more, but don't sleep well. Scientists have also unlocked the code that regulates genes.

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