Human Genes Regulating Code Unlocked By Scientists

For a long time geneticists have been looking at how the human genes work. Knowing how human genes work can have great potential especially in medical science. How the human genes regulating code has been unlocked by scientists.

Unlocking the code that controls over half of the human genes could have great impact. Many diseases have their roots on how a person's genes are coded. By knowing how the gene regulating code works, scientists could then turn genes on and off.

The initiator is the common code that occurs at the start sites of genes. This has been explained by James T. Kadonaga, Molecular Biology professor at the University of California San Diego and the head of the research team. With the ability to turn the initiator code on and off, scientists could use it to identify other regulatory signals in the genes.

All human cells have DNA. Each DNA strand has a specific sequence or code on it. Each strand then has thousands of genes in it, each one of it making up the very aspect of a person. DNA basically is the code that makes a person who he is.

Controlling DNA is key to controlling many diseases. Cells that lose control of DNA could produce cells that could affect a person. Cancer is formed that way, since cells begin to replicate cancer DNA instead of the normal DNA. Once scientists could control genes, an effective cancer treatment won't be far off.

Kadonaga has said that it is essential that cells take control of the genes in DNA. This would ensure that the cells replicate normally and not produce defective cells, according to the UC San Diego News Center. Genes are essential since they perform specific functions that govern cells.

Scientists in the past have proposed a number of gene initiators. However, none of them have been identified to be as such, as Science Daily reports. This is the first time that the code that regulates human genes have truly been identified and unlocked.

Gene regulation is essential in order to cure diseases such as cancer. The human genes regulating code has been unlocked by scientists, which opens up new possibilities in medical science. A study has shown that the world is unprepared for an epidemic.

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