Blizzard Shares More Ideas For D.Va, Plans To Buff Her Defense Matrix In Next ‘Overwatch’ Patch

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Blizzard Entertainment has just revealed more plans for one of its heroes in “Overwatch” and players might just take this is as good news. Actually, it is good news especially to those players who avidly used the Korean mobile suit character, D.Va. The developers have announced that they will be buffing up her Defense Matrix for the next updates.

Geoff Goodman, the principal designer of Blizzard Entertainment for “Overwatch” has updated fans lately on the plans they have in store for D.Va. Apparently, after nerfing her skill sets, focusing on the durability of her mobile suit armor, the developers are now working on to buff one of her abilities to offset this. D.Va went through major updates, which has disappointed avid “Overwatch” gamers after the developers have realized that the said hero was too good and had high survival probability.

Thanks to that realization, D.Va has been downgraded but Goodman did point out before that if they see the need to boost or update D.Va once again to help her out, the developers are inclined to do so but they will not be making changes to her mobile suit armor anymore, as of now. This time, after players have given feedback on the public test region (PTR) that Blizzard Entertainment held for “Overwatch” PC version, Goodman announced that they are planning to up the game with D.Va by restructuring her Defense Matrix skill. As a tank hero, D.Va relies on her Defense Matrix to cover her as she goes out to shower enemies with damage, especially now her mobile suit armor’s sturdiness has been downsized.

The said Defense Matrix, once activated, enables D.Va to remove enemies’ projectiles from a certain distance protecting her and her allies from damage but while the said ability is on, she cannot shoot. Now, Goodman has reported that the change in her Defense Matrix will come in twice as the first one, which is now live, has the said skill block shots only at a close minimum distance. The next plan for D.Va’s Defense Matrix is to upgrade it wherein projectiles are killed directly out of the muzzle at this close minimum distance, which will be very crucial in close fights when saving herself or her allies from annoying skills such as Roadhog’s hook.

The second plan for D.Va’s Defense Matrix will be updated in the next patch for “Overwatch”, as Goodman has said. Fans are taking in this news quite well as they have seen D.Va go through changes that have unfairly turned her into a weak hero despite being a tank. The said hero not just had her armor suit downgraded but there was a significant change in the number of shots she fires as well as the damage the shots inflict.

Many have voiced out that nerfing D.Va during the public test region (PTR) for “Overwatch” was seemingly unfair if it was just to balance things out. Players have commented on Goodman’s announcement and still insisted that they get updates regarding the said hero’s mobile suit armor. That said, some have also pointed out to Blizzard Entertainment that though it is great that D.Va’s Defense Matrix will be buffed, they would appreciate it if the said hero could actually last longer in the battlefield without having to use the said ability.

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