CSGO News: Player Salary For Virtus.Pro Raised To $25,000 USD Per Month

By K.C , Jan 30, 2017 04:10 AM EST

Rising to the top ladder entails long grinding hours practicing and refining one's skills to finesse. Albeit arduous to some extent, these efforts are not for naught especially if one reaches to the top. Today, Virtus.Pro raised its CS:GO player salary to an astounding $25,000 per month.

CS:GO Vritus.Pro Team

As reported by, Anton Cherepennikov, the co-owner of Esports ESforce and managing partner of VP, shared the organization's plan towards the improvement of the competitive Esports in CIS and the development of its structured Esports RNS business program. According to Cherepennikov, the organization is significantly acquiring new assets and has now grown to a total of 14 business units. These units include multiple professional Esport teams, several private tournaments, stadium, broadcast studios, merchandising and even a media agency.

The brain behind the development of VP's foothold on Esports was brought by an Uzbek billionaire and current owner of, Alisher Usmanov - who recently invested a grand total of $100 million for the development of the said project.

Virtus.Pro's Steps towards Dominating Esports

Cherepennikov reveals that the project is set on a five-year development plan and it has now moved to its second phase. The organization is expecting to unveil the Yota Arena, a new state-of-the-art arena that will provide a more profound immersive experience to the audience. Cherepennikov also stated that with the introduction of VR, the organization plans to introduce this technology on their new features to provide a unique experience to the fans. "The arena housed a thousand seats," he stated.

Other Plans

Aside from raising the player salary and developing their assets in Esport, Virtus.Pro also plans to acquire other companies from the said industry. Cherepennikov explicitly stated that they have plans to acquire foreign assets particularly in the US and China. Will this be the start of Virtus.Pro's domination in Esports? 

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