Final Fantasy Guide: How To Successfully Complete The Fishing Quests Of Navyth

By Joseph S. , Jan 30, 2017 09:44 AM EST

One of the most challenging and enjoyable side quests in Final Fantasy XV is fishing. Noctis, the main protagonist of the game is fond of fishing. In fact, this is one of his skills that you can use to gain more AP. The fishing side quests in FFXV will be given by Navyth. You will be able to access his side quests when you reach Chapter Three for the first time. Here are some tips on how you can successfully accomplish all of Navyth's fishing side quests.

Navyth will give you four fishing side quests in Final Fantasy XV. You will find him in The Nebulnwood, near the Neeglyss Pond in the world map's east side. Take note that Navyth changes his locations for each quest. In other words, although they are all fishing quests, you need to complete them in different locations and situations.

How You Can Complete The First Fishing Quest

Fishing Buddies is the very first fishing quest in Final Fantasy XV. The best way to start this quest is early in the game. Go to the Coernix Station and talk to Navyth. The place is due north of the fishing spot. Ask him for the Bomber: Ice Bomb or Sweet Jamming: Custard lure. With one of these baits, you can easily catch a Crag Barramundi. After you've caught this fish, you will be rewarded with 1,500 EXP, and one Knife T. Tonberry lure.

The Second Fishing Quest Of Navyth Is Fishing Naturally

To start, you need to go to the Wennath Riverhead parking spot in the world map's far west side. Navyth will be at the northeast of the camping grounds. He will ask you for a cherrycomb trout. This fish only appears at dusk or dawn. To catch it, you need to use the Whiskers: Crystal. Upon catching this fish, you will be rewarded with 2,000 EXP and a Butterly Edge in Final Fantasy XV.

The Third Quest In Final Fantasy XV Is Called Navyth's Challenge

With this third fishing side quest in Final Fantasy XV, you need to go to the west bank of Vesperpool. It is located in the world map's northwest corner. This time, Navyth will be on the west side of the lake, specifically at the southern part. He will ask you to catch a Vesper Gar. In this challenge, the best lure is the Stinker: Marlboro. If you are able to catch the fish, you will get 3,000 EXP and an Invincible Iron Giant.

The Last Fishing Quest Is The Angler's Nightmare

In this final fishing quest, Navyth will be at the Galdin Quay area. It is located in the world map's southeastern part. You will find him on the lake's north side. Don't be confused because there's another fishing spot on the southeast side. In this challenge, you need to catch the Mark Grouper. The best lure to use here are Stormer: Chest Focalor or Burrower: Abyss Worm. After you've caught the fish, talk to Navyth and he will reward you with the Tranquility Rod. This is the best rod you can use in Final Fantasy XV for fishing. Aside from that you will also earn 5,000 EXP.

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