Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Get 1,000 AP Every 30 Minutes

Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Get 1,000 AP Every 30 Minutes
Getting an increasing number of AP points in Final Fantasy XV is important in leveling up. Here is how you can get more AP every 30 minutes. Photo : Final Fantasy XV/YouTube

Obtaining extensive AP or ability points is very important in Final Fantasy XV because your leveling up in the video game will largely depend on it. Knowing how to obtain AP points is therefore very essential to accomplishing the many quests you will be facing in the video game. Would it be good to know how you can earn 1,000 AP every 30 minutes you're playing the game? This article will show you how you to do this.

Prepare Before Undertaking This Exploit

Don't go head-on in this undertaking unless you are fully prepared. You can only be successful in this exploit if you first prepare all the things that you will need. Included among the items you will require is the Armiger Accelerator. You will have this item if you bought the Holiday Pack DLC of Final Fantasy XV.

The next item you need is the Blitzer's Fanfare that is also included in the said pack. And then you must have the Shield of the Just which you can find in the Royal Tomb, located in Thommel's Glade in the west of the Disc. The last item is the Warrior's Fanfare that comes with the free Holiday Pack of Final Fantasy XV.

Go And Find The Three Valleys In Final Fantasy XV

Once you have all these items in tow, equip the Ascension Node and go to the usual Three Valleys location. Find the area where the dogs are spawning in Final Fantasy XV and call for them using the Whistle Command. But wait for the battle mode before you kill them. Here is where good timing will serve you best because if you wait too long, your team could kill the dogs but you will lose AP from warp-strikes.

Proper Timing Is Necessary In Killing The Dogs

Wait for the Battle Mode to activate in Final Fantasy XV and then use Warp Strikes to kill the dogs. When you see that the dogs are really dead, activate the armiger and you will get +1 AP. You will also need good timing here and also the knowledge of how many dogs there are in the pack. If you activate it before the last dog is dead, the armiger bar will be depleted and you will just waste your time.

So before activating the armiger, see if the orange bar of the last dog killed is half depleted. By activating the armiger in Final Fantasy XV, you will get + 1 AP. The bar will not be depleted as well. So, see to it that you use it at the end of each pack. Then activate Blitzer's Fanfare and Warrior's Fanfare. By defeating your enemies, you will obtain + 3 AP and A + by using correct Timing and Offense.

Repeat The Process As Much As You Want

When you see that the updated + AP number appears in Final Fantasy XV, use the Whistle Command again to call another dog pack. You must do this immediately because if you don't, you will waste precious moments before the report card is complete. By repeating this process over and over, you will be able to get 1,000 AP every 30 minutes.

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