League Of Legends Champion Update: Warwick "The Uncaged Wrath Of Zaun" Released


Warwick's passive Ability, where all basic attacks deal bonus magic damage. If Warwick's health is below half, he heals equal to the same amount of bonus damage dealt.

Jaws of Beast, Warwick's first ability, He lunges forward then damages the target, healing with some amount of the damage dealt. Holding down Q makes Warwick lock down on the target and making him leap behind them

Warwick's 2nd ability (passive), Enemies with half health leave behind a global blood trail making them Blood Hunted. Warwick has increased attack speed and movement speed when attacking Blood Hunted enemies. The lower enemies HP the higher bonus Warwick receive.

Blood hunt's Active ability, the nearest enemy champion will be blood hunted (has a huge cooldown).

Warwick's Primal Howl ability, where in he receives reduce damage for a short duration. At the end of the duration Warwick  howls causing enemies to flee.

Warwick's Ultimate the Infinite Duress,  Supresses the first chapion he collides with dealing damage and applying hit effects. Warwick's leap will depend on his movement speed and also all the damage dealt with Infinite Duress will heal him.

Alot of changes were made in this new update due to the League's plan to change the way how jungle heroes survive farming. Some of these changes are the monster's the spawn time. The normal jungle spawn before was 1:37 but now changed to 1:40. Also Gromp and Krug's spawn time is now at 1:52 having 1:49 as their old spawn time.

Some changes where also made with other champion's skill damage and cooldown you can check the detailed information on this link right here.

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