League of Legends Warwick Update Is An 'Engineering Nightmare'

Riot games revealed a few months ago that they are planning a massive Warwick update and now, they are making good that promise by revealing a teaser in their official website called "Engineering the Nightmare." The teaser talks about the origin of the wolf-man and it turned out that his creation was indeed an 'engineering nightmare' (pun intended) as it is filled with torture and gruesomeness. The teaser was presented as a diary of a madman, represented by Singed.

Choosing the Subject

The story begins with Singed labeling the would-be Warwick as Subject #1088. The mad scientist met cutthroat in hiding and he said that he sensed a beast within waiting to be released. In order to grant that wish, Singed drugged him with the intent of transforming the cutthroat into a 'chimeric predator' who will make Zaun his ultimate hunting ground.

A Unique Surgical Technique

The next scene shows Singed preparing Warwick for surgery using a surgical technique he learned during the Ionian campaign. The mad scientist described that the man cried, wailed, and pleaded as he drilled through his bones so that he could deliver the chemical that will transmutate him. Singed said that he ignored those painful pleas for six hours and continued splicing through his veins and arteries.

Ultimate Pain is the Catalyst

The next scene showed Warwick struggling against his bonds as Singed injected him again with the transmutative formula. Singed described how 'the subject' convulsed and trashed violently as the formula went through his veins. However, that was what Singed wanted to achieve - ultimate torture to inflict ultimate pain because he thought it would be the major catalyst for the transmutation to happen. He was right because there was some sort of changes happening at the base anatomy of the subject.

For full details of the "Engineering the Nightmare," click the link and enjoy.

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