Latest Pokemon GO Patch Datamined, New Item And Critical Damage Discovered

Since the past few weeks, Niantic has been generous in releasing various updates for Pokemon GO. While most have brought the game to a whole new level, some aren't just of significance. The latter are purely minor ones. And this is exactly what the latest patch (0.55.0 and 1.25.0 for Android and iOS, respectively) is all about. However, many suggest that it's actually hiding something interesting.

According to Mic, the aforementioned Pokemon GO patch has improved the way the game loads. This is particularly on Android phones. It also fixes a couple of issues that players are experiencing with the Plus device. Moreover, it adds a support feature specifically designed for the Apple Watch. These are what the update brought to the hit augmented reality game lately.

However, as discovered by The Silph Road, patch 0.55.0/1.25.0 for Pokemon GO may mean something more than the above-mentioned changes. That it's hiding a couple of details that the community may find quite interesting later on. And this is exactly what the dataminers did -- they try to unravel the secrets it wraps.

The said Pokemon GO community suggests that a "critical catch" is to be expected from the game. It's been acquired in the update code of the patch. It remains to be unseen as to what this may mean to future of Niantic's title. Nonetheless, this could refer to an added bonus damage of sort. Think of it as a form of special attack, only with a powerful blow or damage.

Furthermore, a "candy reward" item is also datamined in the newly-released Pokemon GO update. If anything else, it could point to a possible bonus drop rate of candies. As of this writing, the community points out that these are by far the most concrete information they've acquired from the patch. But of course, these should be taken as a grain of salt. And perhaps, if these prove to be true, the studio might bring these elements sooner or later.

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