Pokemon GO Update: Johto Region Creatures Added To The Game

Pokemon GO will probably go down as one of the most successful mobile games in history. When it was first launched, it quickly accumulated a huge following. It took the whole world by storm as people from all walks of like embark on the journey of becoming the very best. Unfortunately, its popularity has started to diminish. Players have grown tired, thinking that the game's mechanic is nothing but boring. But hey, this seems to be changed now. That's because a new kind of Pokemon are coming.

According to Android Police, some Pokemon GO creatures from the titular Johto are coming to the game. It's worth noting that these species came from the same region that's found in Pokemon Gold and Silver. The arrival of these Pokemon is definitely worth anticipating.

In reality, this shouldn't come as a surprise to all Pokemon GO fans out there. That's because the aforementioned type of creatures have already been announced since last year (December, in particular). As soon as these species become available, they should be catchable in the wild. Remember, in the past, it was believed that these Pokemon will only be made possible through eggs.

The publication also states that the aforesaid Pokemon GO announcement came from a newsletter of the official Pokemon Trainer Club. In fact, it states there that the Pokemon from the Johto region have already been released. As of this writing, however, there's yet to be an official confirmation of the creature's existence in the wild.

It also remains a mystery as to what kind of species are coming to Pokemon GO from the above-mentioned region. Some suggest that this might include the likes of Pikachu and Togepi, both of which visible in the aforesaid newsletter. But of course, there's more to these than what it contains. As of now, Niantic has remained mum about the topic.

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