Netflix Works On Mind Control Interface

By Victor Thomson , Jan 31, 2017 03:49 AM EST

Netflix's developers are using the company's annual Hack Day as a forum for original ideas on how to improve the streaming service, including the impressive mind control interface called MindFlix.

Netflix's Mind Control Interface

According to Engadget, the MindFlix device allows users to navigate and control Netflix with their mind. With a Muse EEG-detecting headband strapped on, users can move their head side to side or up and down in order to scroll vertically and horizontally through Netflix's interface. When they land on a title they like, users can open the video stream by just thinking of the word "Play."

If the MindFlix prototype mind control interface works as well in real life, it could make Netflix far more enjoyable. However, at the moment there are no plans to make widely available the implementation of ideas and concepts developed by Netflix employees and presented during the Hack Day. Netflix states in a blog post that the ideas and concepts may never become part of the Netflix internal infrastructure or products.

Other Netflix Projects Presented During Hack Day

Netflix's gadget that provides the ability to play content using the power of the mind was presented as an innate ability to lose the remote control and a solution for users afflicted by laziness. According to Trusted Reviews, among the other projects created by Netflix employees has been included a Stranger Things-inspired sweater that gives users the ability to spell out words on the 26 soldered-on LED lights. Developers also created for the Hack Day a retro-styled video games collection called Stranger Games.

The mini-games are inspired from Stranger Things series, as the name suggests. They include a trip to the upside down to rescue Barb. Another interesting detail is the fact that the mini games can even be played out on televisions shown within the Stranger Things series itself.

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