Make Way For Mind-Controlled Toys, The Future Gifts

The new generation toys are finally here. Soon, children will be equipped with toys that can be controlled through brain waves. A group of researchers at Warwick University recently updated this new piece of technology to the world where the brain would send sensory waves to the electronic Headset and thus it would control the toy.


Sensors are an electronic headset which would detect the electric impulses from the brain waves and send it to the Headset. The computer processes and sends it to the circuit in an electric toy that can be controlled thereafter.

This research by the Warwick University, led by Professor Christopher James, brought a completely new technology for the new set of children's toys such as remote-controlled cars, drones and racing sets, which can now be controlled by just thoughts from one's brain.

What Does The Future Hold

"The exciting bit is what comes next, how long before we start unlocking the front door or answering the phone through brain-computer interfaces?" said professor James, speaking about the future of this technology. It is quite clear from his words that he has planned a lot for the future and it is not just limited to children's toys. The interesting fact would be that how sooner can this be brought into work. He also said about the fact that there are already such toys but his main focus is to how to make the headsets much better, something that can read much cleaner and stronger instructions sent from the brain.

A much stronger and better connection would be the main motive here between the toys and the headset such that the functions are much easier to control and provides a great experience to its users. In no time, all can have access to these much-advanced technologies in the near future where everything would be all just be in control of everyone's mind.

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