Galaxy Note 8 To Be Safer, Samsung Might Use Thermal Pipes For Better Heat Distribution

Samsung has had its fair share of failures especially with the Note 7's demise. Nevertheless, the company has done everything to make up for the damages and the world has seen how great Samsung's customer service was during the entire recall process. The company even managed to explain what caused the Note 7 explosions months after the controversy started. Needless to say, it's clear that Samsung values its clients, and with that, the Galaxy Note 8 is promised to be safer and better than its predecessor.

Early Statements About Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After spending a few months on investigations, Samsung has finally concluded that the Note 7 overheating and explosion problems were indeed caused by battery flaws. Nevertheless, despite the infamous recall, the company remains positive about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. As per IB Times, Samsung says that the Note 8 phablet will be safer and more innovative.

Additionally, Samsung has also acknowledged the fan base that the Note series has. The company's CEO DJ Koh has said in their statement that through the investigation process, they knew that Note has lots and lots of loyalists. This is despite the fact that the most recent Note device was ultimately discontinued for safety reasons. With that said, Samsung isn't cancelling the release of the Galaxy Note 8 in spite of all the unverified rumors in the past saying that the Note brand will be discontinued altogether.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: How Safe Will It Be

So far, Samsung has only promised that the Note 8 will be safer than its predecessor. How the company will make sure this happens, they did not elaborate. However, there's good chance that thermal pipes will be used to avoid heating problems. According to Android Authority, the use of thermal pipes in smartphones is no longer fresh news. In fact, the Galaxy S7 series has used this technology to dissipate heat and apparently, more smartphone makers are expected to use the said technology this 2017. With that said, there's also good chance that the Galaxy Note 8 will likewise involve heat pipes to avoid the same problem that last year's Note has encountered.

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