Overwatch: Does Junkrat Need Buffs?

By K.C , Jan 31, 2017 04:30 AM EST

Overwatch is home for diverse community as both casual and competitive players thrive on this FPS game; regarded by many as the 2016's Game of the Year. Following the constant patch updates and bringing about balance changes on heroes, there's apparently one hero that has been off the talk quite lately - Junkrat. Does the hero actually need buffing? 

Overwatch: Is Junkrat Balanced?

A thread from the Overwatch subreddit has pointed-out the surprising lack of attention on Junkrant despite the numerous threads about the balance updates on both prominent and underwhelming heroes. One of the least notable heroes in the current meta is Junkrat, albeit its high pick rate way back in Season 2, it appears that the crazed bomber has been quiet in Season 3, what happened?

According to most Junkrat mains, the problem stems from the current meta where triple tank meta reigns the battlefield. Although Ana and D.Va have been significant nerfed to mitigate the problem and promote diversity, as it currently stand, there are a lot of Defense heroes that can offer a lot more than Junkrat.


To cut the chase, Junkrat mains argue that the hero definitely needs a buff to make it a lot more viable in the competitive play. Since both Mei and Bastion will get a surprising buff on the upcoming PTR patch, the aforementioned Defense heroes are expected to take the spotlight in the competitive scene. So how can Blizzard make Junkrat a viable hero for the upcoming updates? Well some Junkrat mains have interesting ideas for the hero's possible buffs:

Reduce splash damage but increase the hero's projectile speed
Bring back the old RIP-tire where it explodes when destroyed
Increases RIP-tire's HP
Reduce cooldowns on his traps

While it's true that Junkrat isn't receiving a high pick rate on the current meta, some players also argue that buffing Junkrat may disrupt the balance of the game. Some fans emphasized that although the hero isn't taking the spotlight, it's still quite strong nonetheless. So is Junkrat balanced? Well, it ultimately depends on a person's perspective.

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