Involved Parents Can Keep Kids In School

By Rodney Rafols , Feb 01, 2017 02:27 AM EST

Parents can have much influence on their children. This is important especially for kids to always be in school. Involved parents can help keep kids in school much better.

A positive guidance from parents can help a lot for kids. Kids who find support from their parents in schoolwork will more likely stay in school than those who don't get enough support. A mathematical model from the Arizona State University, Northeastern Illinois University and the University of Texas Arlington shows this.

Anuj Mubayi started the study while teaching in Chicago. Together with a colleague he visited a school there that has a higher drop rate than most other schools in the city. For data the study has studied the 2013 survey of 125 students from the school.

Some factors that were looked in the survey are parental involvement, academic involvement and peer influence. The factors in the data were then used in the mathematical model that has been created. Mubayi has said that parental influence can be a factor in preventing kids from dropping out, though it has its limits as well.

Negative peer influence has been seen as a factor as well in the issue, and the mathematical model has shown that as negative peer influence goes up, parental influence goes down. The risk of the student dropping out from school also goes up as negative peer influence rises. Even with more parental influence, the trend could not be reversed, according to Science Daily.

Though the model shows much about the relationship between academic performance and parental involvement, the study has also shown that having success in school and protecting children from negative peer influence is still a complex issue. The study has also shown that more than half of those who have dropped out of school do not live with their parents anymore. Other areas that need to be studied would be economic as well as emotional factors, as Phys Org reports.

The mathematical model shows that parental influence has a large role in keeping kids in school. Involved parents can keep their kids in school. A study also shows that creative people sleep more but don't sleep well.

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