‘Final Fantasy 7’ Remake: Here Are Some Little Known Facts About The Upcoming Square Enix Title

The first time Sony announced that it will be creating Final Fantasy 7 Remake was in 2015. Since then, nothing has come out from the game developer as far as the status of the game is concerned. But avid fans of the Final Fantasy series should not be alarmed because it seems this is the usual way they develop a game.

Here Are Some Important Details Fans Need To Know

This is the same the very popular Final Fantasy XV was launched. It took about a decade before the video game debuted in the gaming community. Therefore, Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be going through the usual normal developmental stages. So, fans need not worry. In fact there are some little known facts about the remake that came out recently.

A Japanese video game news site reported that Square Enix will divide Final Fantasy 7 Remake into a number of installments. It seems that the video game is just too big to be contained in just one volume. Director Nomura said that the video game will consist of multiple parts since they wanted to produce it in PS4 quality.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Takes A Big Chunk Of Space

He added that when they examined the whole project, they discovered that it would need to be produced in several volumes. Nomura added that Final Fantasy 7 Remake cannot be fitted in just a single entry. The current plan of Square Enix is to develop the video game in three installments. Fans should therefore expect that there will be some changes to the original game.

The segmentation of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will definitely affect the story line and plot of the video game. Fans should even be ready that some elements of the upcoming game will have little or even no resemblance to the original story line. Some even believe that since this is a remake, the upcoming game will not just have upgraded cosmetics or enhancements such as what are usually done for remastered games.

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