Pokemon Go Valentine's Day Event Update: Should Niantic Add Breeding System?

By Sarene Mae Butao , Feb 02, 2017 04:10 AM EST

Niantic has been quiet regarding special events since the last which ended early January. Currently, several players lose motivation to play the game due to no new exciting content. However, it seems like the company is expected to drop a new event anytime soon as Valentine's Day nears.

According to the report from Forbes, Niantic has not made any announcement as of the moment. However, several fans believe that the company will start dropping the hints next week, with the event probably starting earlier than expected. Meanwhile, Niantic has shown that they're not a fan of giving similar bonuses to each of their events, which leaves players wondering what the company has in store for the reported Valentine's Day Event.

Based on the report, every player of Pokemon Go dream to have either Gen 2 patch or Legendary Pokemon added to the game. However, assuming that it would not arrive, there are several possible feature additions that could debut to Pokemon Go during this event. Since Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, Niantic could finally consider adding the previously reported Breeding System which creates a new Pokemon Egg from two adult Pokemon.

Furthermore, Breeding System has a huge chance to be added since Niantic has secretly added gender to the game. As a result, players are now seeing a male and female Pikachu and Raichu who have clipped tails different from their usual models. Though it was not directly announced but the addition of genders could lead into something.

On the other hand, Breeding System could possibly work by adding a new nursery tab which allows players to bring their Pokemon with opposite genders to a particular place to perform the process. This process might be either time-based or step-based, where the game will then announced that the two Pokemon successfully created an egg.

In addition, this new egg will be given a new shade and will stay at the nursery screen in order to prevent it from occupying the slot from the egg page. Upon hatching the egg, the in-game Incubators will be used while performing the usual walking process to produce a new Pokemon. Lastly, the number of kilometers walked will depend on the tier of its parents. Meanwhile, players are suggested to wait for Niantic's official statement regarding Pokemon Go's Valentine's Event.


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