Pokemon Go Update: List Of Features Arriving Soon

Pokemon Go had just recently rolled out a new update. The augmented reality game from Niantic Labs is now at its version 0.42.2. The latest patch includes several feature additions and tweaks on the current in-game system. While update 0.42.2 offers great additions to the game, there are still some features that most of the players expected to arrive anytime soon.

According to Otakukart, most of these expected future additions are the biggest and notable features such as PVP, PokeCenters, Trading, Improved Sightings and one of the most awaited Gen 2. Though, Niantic had already previously confirmed some of these features, but, we still do not know if when the official arrival of these reported features will be.

Another anticipated game piece will be the Breeding feature. This would enable players to select a pair of Pokemon of the same species and then breed them together. Pokemon eggs coming from breeding results to a Pokemon where it stats are derived from its parent Pokemon. It was reported that the Breeding Feature fits perfectly into the game's Egg System. While also allowing Niantic to add some items in the shop for players to buy some expansion space for their eggs.

PVP and Trading, on the other hand, are also greatly expected to arrive soon. It was also announced by Niantic lately that it would bring much hype to the players of the game and potentially drag some old Pokemon Go players back. However, with Niantic stating that these upcoming features are now under development, the next Pokemon Go update would be huge.

Lastly, Niantic has successfully transitioned Pokemon Go to a more stable and legit game as hackers' activities were reduced to a very minimum amount due to the developers' tweaking its security system. Currently, for Niantic, things went well according to the script as they are now aiming to add more features on future Pokemon Go updates.


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