Did WB Games Just Tease Another Arkham Game?

Injustice 2 is probably the biggest DC game that everyone has their eyes on right now, but it seems that WB Games is teasing another game announcement this coming March. Based on the teaser, some have guessed that it could be for another Arkham type game. Are you hyped?

According to a post from IGN France, WB Games just teased something for March 8, and it had the caption, "Save the date." This was the very same tagline that came along with the teasers for Arkham Origins back in 2013, so it's possible that fans may be seeing an announcement for another Arkham game.

According to Game Fragger, it could be possible that the game could be focused on Batman's son, Damian Wayne a.k.a. Robin. Damian has been getting more and more attention lately, and he had just been announced as a playable character in NetherRealm's Injustice 2.

Then again, it's possible that the game could be another continuation in the Arkham-verse. Since Arkham Origins was a prequel, could this new game be a sequel to Arkham Knight? What if it focused entirely on Deathstroke or Batman's rogues gallery? The possibilities are all endless.

Though the Arkham games are all very well regarded by fans, a lot would consider that the franchise peaked with the second game, Arkham City. WB Games took over for Arkham Origins, and that game wasn't that well received; when Rocksteady decided to return for Arkham Knight, a lot of reviews had also said that the batmobile missions were kind of excessive, and the game didn't work that well on the PC.

As of now, people may not be so eager to see another Arkham game, what with the last two being a bit lackluster for fans. Then again, Batman is considered to be one of the most popular DC heroes, and he's the only one right now who manages to maintain a gaming franchise based on his own world and characters. Fans will just have to wait till March 8 to see what WB Games has to reveal.

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