Injustice 2 Updates: Nightwing Not Returning To The Game?

A lot of gamers are gearing up for the release of NetherRealm's Injustice 2 this May, and the game will be showcasing a lot of new characters like Blue Beetle and Damian Wayne's Robin. Speaking of Robin, speculation is going around that the first Robin, Dick Grayson a.k.a. Nightwing, may not be in the upcoming game, despite appearing as a playable character in the first Injustice.

Nightwing Dead?

According to The BitBag, Nightwing's absence could be alluded to the exchange that Batman and Robin share in the gameplay trailer for Robin. Robin points out that he's Batman's only son, to which Batman says "Dick was my son too."

In the first year of the Injustice comics, Damian accidentally kills Dick Grayson and assumes the mantle of Nightwing in his honor. In the alternate timeline, Damian also chose to join the side of the tyrannical Superman, as he himself has no remorse for any criminal. There is no confirmation on what happens in the timeline of Injustice 2, but the story trailer does hint at a lot of returning plot points like the death of Lois Lane and Superman killing the Joker.

Nightwing As DLC

Of course, it is still possible that Nightwing could return to Injustice 2 as a downloadable character. Buying the Ultimate Edition of the game gives players a total of nine DLC fighters, one of which could possibly be Nightwing. With Damian killing Dick in the first Injustice, it is quite apparent that there will be some animosity when it comes to the exchange of Robin and Nightwing in-game.

Damian Wayne's Recycled Moves List

Speaking of Robin, YouTuber Maximilian Dood, has pointed out that some of his moves in the gameplay trailer are similar to that of Deathstroke from the first Injustice game. Seeing that Deathstroke also uses a sword in his fights, it is possible that NetherRealm has chosen to borrow some for Damian. It is also worth mentioning that Deathstroke has a history with Damian, being the person who killed his grandfather, Ra's al Ghul.

Injustice 2 is set for a release this coming May 16.

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