Free Video Games For PS4/PS3/Vita PlayStation On February Revealed; For Release On February 2017

Sony recently announced the video game titles that it is giving away for free for PlayStation Plus members this February 2017. Owners of PS4 can get five video games as part of this free offer. Members of PlayStation Plus should take advantage of this offer since it will only valid for a limited time.

PlayStation Owners Are Advised To Take Advantage Of This Free Offer.

The lineup of the free titles was announced on the PlayStation Blog. Among the titles included in this lineup are TorqueL, Ninja Senki DX, Starwhal, Not a Hero and LittleBigPlanet 3.These games are all playable on PlayStation 4.

Here Are Some Details About The Free Titles

Little Big Planet 3 is a puzzle-plaformer, while Not a Hero is a third-person shooter. Starwahl is a space fighting game and Ninja Senji DX is a platformer that features Hayate, a blue ninja. It is playable on PS 3 and PS4. Torquel is a platformer action puzzle game rendered in 2D "rolling and extend" style. It is playable on PS 4 and PS Vita.

PlayStation 3 owners can also grab Anna- Extednde Edition which is also a puzzle game for free. Torquel, Ninja Senki DX and Starwahl are also available on PS4 through cross-buy. The games playable on PS Plus are set to arrive as soon as the PlayStation Store has been updated on Feb. 7, 2017.

Grab Them Now Before They Turn Back To Their Former Prices

Gamers are also advised to pick up last month's free PS Plus games as soon as they can because they will be going back to their normal prices pretty soon. Sony also is offering its latest weekly PSN deals. The list in this offer includes titles such as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Grand Theft Auto V, Rise of the Tomb Raider among others.

Most gamers would love freebies and this offer of Sony will only be available for a limited time. So PS3, PS4 and Vita PlayStation owners should grab this chance to play these video games. The video below features one of the titles Sony is offering for free this month.

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