Top 5 Video Games We Highly Anticipate This February

Top 5 Video Games We Highly Anticipate This February
The Month of Hearts is not only for the romantics. Gamers should also expect exciting video games to come out this month. Photo : PlayStation EU/YouTube

Lovers all over the world consider February as the Month of Hearts because of its romantic connotations. In another vein, the medical industry also calls it the Hearth Month where they hype the importance of taking care of one's heart along health lines. But this month, gamers all over the world are anticipating the release of exciting video game titles that will make their hearts thump because of the thrills and excitement they are supposed to offer.

So, for game lovers out there who are raring to get their hands on these video games, here is our list of the most anticipated video games for February 2017. These titles were hyped by their game developers for many months last year. Now, it's about time for gamers to get their hands on them. Here are our top 5 video games that we highly anticipate this month.

Halo Wars 2 Will Debut On Valentine's Day

Right on the day of the hearts, you can get hold of Halo Wars 2. This is a real-time strategy game with a new multi-player mode. There's a new twist on the gameplay that Blitz, its game developer, has implemented in this upcoming video game. This new twist will require you to concentrate on card-based strategy and on building your decks. The previous installment was more focused on resource management and base building. This game is slated for PC and Xbox One.

Nioh Will Take A Bow On Feb. 7, 2017

Nioh has a gameplay that revolves around overcoming monsters and navigating game levels. While you are busy doing these challenges, you also need to manage your strength. The time setting of this upcoming video game takes place in the Sengoku period. You will control William, the sailor, as he faces the yokai. They are spirits and demons in Japanese folklore and are capable of bewitching humans. This video game is intended for PS 4.

Expect Horizon Zero Dawn To Roll Out On Feb. 28, 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming video game with a post-apocalyptic time setting. This game features a vast open world that is overrun by robots. These robots will make your life hard as you try to survive. The gameplay is a combination of hunter-style and role playing game. You will control an archer named Aloy in this upcoming video game slated for PS 4.

Fire Emblem Heroes Is Set To Launch On Feb. 2, 2017

On Feb. 2, 2017, Fire Emblem Heroes will make its first appearance on mobile phones. This video game features turn-based battles and you will take the character of Summoner. He has the power to summon Fire Emblem heroes in all of history. Your battles will take place on an 8x6 grid which is just suited for smartphones. The game also allows you to upgrade your heroes and even call for more to add to your troops. It is good for iOS and Android phones.

For Honor Will Be Released On Feb. 14, 2017

Another video game that will be released on Valentine's Day is For Honor. You have three choices of characters that you can control in this game, The Warborn (Vikings), The Chosen (Samurai) and The Legion (Knights). This game features melee attacks and it also has a multi-player mode. It is good for PC, Xbox One and PS 4.

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