Apple Watch Wearable External Battery Charger Receives Patent

Apple received a new patent for a battery band that will allow the Apple Watch to have an extended battery life.

The patent, which was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, last Thursday, is titled "Charging apparatus for wearable electronic device" and is described as a "wearable power apparatus" that will be used to charge another wearable device particularly the Apple Watch, as indicated in the patent's illustrations.

According to reports, the apparatus or module will transmit power to the device via an inductive component that is similar to the magnetic charging cable of the current Apple Watch. The module will be able to transmit and receive power. The patent has also covered the possibility of the device heating up while charging. It will utilize a particular circuitry that enables heat to dissipate preventing any kind of discomfort on the wearer.

The patent also shows that there are two ways that the tech can be utilized. The wearable charger can be placed on the inner surface of the Apple Watch's wristband while the other option is to have the module under the chassis. This new patent is similar to the another Apple patent published in April last year titled "Modular functional band links for wearable device". The modular smart bands are supposed to provide the Apple Watch access to additional functions such as GPS receivers and wireless chargers. The new patent mainly involves providing power to the Apple Watch.

One noticeable feature that 9to5 MAC pointed out is the fact that the Apple Watch in the patent illustrations sports a round design. This somewhat gives credence to the rumors that Apple will shift from the rectangular design to a circular one. As a matter of fact, Apple has already been granted a patent for a round-faced smartwatch which was published in December last year. According to reports, however, Apple is far removed from releasing a circular Apple Watch as it is supposedly focusing on its more traditional rectangular displays.

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