Apple Watch Rumors: Patent Shows Circular Apple Watch In The Offing

Apple will be introducing a circular Apple Watch that could track the movements of the limbs.

According to a patent that was published last Thursday, Apple is doing research on a circular display meant for wearable devices. One can easily assume that the display is for the company's smart watches.

If the patent is indeed for smartwatches, then an Apple Watch with a round face is not far from reality.

The patent was titled "Electronic device having a display with curved edges" and mentioned "outline driver technology". Apple is also researching on different ways to power the circular display. The main solution to power the circular display as proposed by the company was as simple as borrowing the "general architecture from traditional rectangular displays" as reported by Apple Insider.

The report also suggests that Apple is not likely to release a circular Apple Watch real soon. It also mentioned that Apple is more likely focusing on the rectangular display right now.

If Apple does release a circular Apple Watch, it will not be the first one in the market. Samsung has already one in its Gear line which now includes the recently released Gear S3.

Apple also filed a patent for "limb detection" technology at the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. This tech's application in real life can change how smart watches help athletes and fitness enthusiasts. With the "limb detection" feature, an Apple Watch can track the movements of the limbs particularly the legs and arms.

Digital Trends suggests that the "limb detection" feature can measure each kick of the leg when used on a soccer-tracking app. It can also be used to track and record data while the user is doing pull-ups.

The tech involves the use of an algorithmic solution and the gathering of data from accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes and other devices that sense positions or movements.

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