Mexico Car Ban Ineffective In Diminishing Air Pollution

A new study revealed that Mexico City failed in reducing air pollution after implementing a ban on cars every Saturday. This was after scientists expected vehicle emissions by 15% by putting a limit on driving during the weekends. They also added that no visible effect has been found when they assessed a city with detrimental air pollutants.

According to researchers, residents who were restricted from using their own cars managed to reach their destinations through car polling, taxis and buying extra vehicles. On the other hand, experts blame the massive toxic blanket that enveloped Mexican cities for the hospitalization of thousands. Tremendous growth of car usage, together with a geographical location which traps chemicals emitted by vehicles, is the root cause of air pollution in the locality.

Restrictions have been introduced by the Mexican government in 1989 in its effort this growing health woe. This means that drivers are prohibited from using their vehicle once a week. The system in which day they will not be allowed to drive was based on number plates. The last digit of a car’s plate corresponds to a certain day that he cannot drive.

The BBC reports that the United Nations in 1992 declared Mexico as the world’s most polluted city. Before this, the local government has already implemented the car ban program, known locally as ‘Hoy No Circula,’ which has recorded huge success in terms of compliance. Mexico was no longer the most polluted city, and was overtaken by Beijing, China and Delhi, India. also reported that air pollution in the large cities of Mexico has turned into a major health concern for both local and national governments. They also added that the most polluted cities in the locality are Mexico City, Guadalajara and Ciudad Juarez. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Mexico City's air averages 179 mg per cubic meter of suspended particulates, to which they only recommend 90 mg maximum.

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