Smog In China Set To Return This Week; $2.6 Billion To Fight Air Pollution

The previously reported smog in China that was set to return in the Beijing atmosphere already started to fly in the vicinity. The air quality in China's Monday morning reportedly exceeded the index of 'unhealthy' mark. The thick blanket of smog started to shroud Beijing and the northern Chinese cities on Sunday night.

Beijing, in a bright daylight, was again covered by the toxic smog on Monday morning after a reprieve of just one week. The level of air quality index has remained above 150 throughout the morning which indicates an "unhealthy" state of air pollution. The reading reportedly means that the air condition in Beijing and other cities can soon cause serious health problems among residents.

Reports previously revealed that the smog in China will be worst on Monday, but will hit medium levels on Tuesday. Air quality will then improve on Wednesday as cold air arrives until the pollution settles down on Thursday. According to reports, Hebei and Shanxi, which are the two heavily industrialized provinces of China, have numerous cities within them that are currently reaching a "hazardous" pollution level which in turn contributes largely to global warming.

The National Meteorological Centre already said last week that a smog will hit parts of north and central China from Sunday until Thursday. Heavy smog in China have been covering Beijing and several other cities in the north which prompted the authorities to raise a red alert for air pollution towards the end of December. According to the ECNS, Beijing's main pollutant density being PM2.5 - which was experienced by the capital on Sunday - is currently being worked on by the authorities. The capital is aiming to reduce the number into 60 microorganism per cubic meter this year.

Following this, the Chinese government reportedly will spend 18.2 billion yuan ($2.6 billion) to eradicate the deadly smog in 2017. According to the Business Standard, the capital will replace coal energy with clean energy within 700 villages. The government is also said to phase out 300,000 old vehicles which appear to be the highest contributor to pollution.

Acting mayor Cai Qi Cai told that Beijing is also going to either shut down or upgrade 2,570 factories causing pollution. Beijing is known for having the dirtiest in the world. Following this, the government has already taken several measures to control the smog in China but has not come up with desired results.

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