Fire Emblem Heroes Basic Guide: Learning To Use The Mobile Game's Features

Fire Emblem Heroes is the latest mobile game from Nintendo. Here are some basic tips that can help players familiarize themselves with its controls and features.

Downloading And Registering

The initial download does not take long assuming players have stable Wi-Fi connection, according to nintendolife. Players will have to download the opening movie before they can download the main game which is more than 350MB. This mobile title is available in both iOS and Android devices.

Players will have to set up their name and link that to their My Nintendo account before starting the game. Afterwards, Fire Emblem Heroes will start with a cinematic and a few guided missions. The guide teaches users about the game's mechanics including combat.

Fire Emblem Heroes Features

The mobile game features six buttons at the bottom of the screen. These are the Home, Battle, Allies, Summon, Shop and Misc. buttons. Players should first tap on the Allies button to see the type of characters they have. Each of them has strengths and weaknesses which mean they have to be position carefully in the battlefield. The good news though is they do not die, meaning a killed character can return once the round is over.

The Shop button is where microtransactions take place but it's not necessary at this early stage. Players starting the game will receive free orbs which they can use for improvement like upgrading the Castle for example. Players simply need to tap the Home button to return to their castle.

The Battle Button will lead players to the Special Maps, Story Maps, Arena Duels and Training Tower. The fifth option though has remained unnamed. Players are advised to start with the Story Maps before taking on the other options. The Inventory section is available in the Misc. button. Players can store their Orbs and various precious items here.

Microtransactions in the game are conducted using the Summon and Shop options. Guide and tips in the use of such features will be covered in the coming days. There are speculations that Fire Emblem Heroes may turn out to be a better mobile game than Super Mario Run.

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