Fire Emblem Heroes On Android & iOS - Better Than Super Mario Run; Find Out Why

Fire Emblem Heroes is coming out on Android and iOS mobile devices. It's a great game but it has features that make it better than Super Mario Run.

More Things To Do Than Running

Playing the Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game will give you a lot of things to do than simply running. Basically, it's a combination of role-playing and strategy. You get to summon all the characters from the series. Players can upgrade them before sending them to battle. The game also uses the turn-based system. The maps though are small enough to fit your phone's screen as an added convenience.

Game's Free And Android Has First Dibs

Surprisingly, Fire Emblem Heroes is coming out first on Android via Google Play. Unlike Super Mario Run, it follows the traditional route. Players can download it for free without the one-time payment to unlock additional contents. The upcoming mobile game will offer in-game purchases according to the Google App Store.

About Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo promised to provide "timely updates" which includes free additional contents and characters. The summoned heroes though will cost players actual money based on the information gathered so far. Well known characters from the series will also receive fresh looks and voice dialogues.

Fire Emblem Heroes feature a campaign mode but it also has four additional modes as well. This includes Story Maps, Training Tower, Arena Duels and Hero Battles. The number of modes available in the game will surely keep players playing it for a long time.

Release Date

Fire Emblem Heroes is now available on the Google App store for pre-registration. The expected release date is listed as February 2, according to Nintendo. There's no set date yet for iOS players although it may take a whole considering they just got Super Mario Run. Meanwhile, the Super Mario Run Android version is coming out this March.

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