You Can Now Save Instagram Photos And Videos On Windows Mobile, iOS And Android Apps

By Justin Lee , Feb 03, 2017 04:25 AM EST

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, and as time pass by, this app gets more and more improvements for the benefit of its users. One of the most recent and best updates given to Instagram is the ability to save photos and videos that you see on your feed. This new feature has been made available to the three major mobile operating systems.

Windows Mobile Instagram App Now Receives Saving Update

Windows Mobile is arguably not the best platform for those looking for great and updated apps. However, Instagram lately shows a lot of love for its Windows 10 Mobile app as it brings in new features to the said platform, as per Neowin. The most recent enhancement that Instagram on Windows Mobile has received is the Save Post feature.

Saving Photos And Videos From Instagram Feed

This new feature has been introduced to Android and iOS last December and has just been made available on Windows Mobile. The said feature allows you to bookmark whatever post you see on your feed so you can easily access them anytime, without having to Like them, as per MS Power User. Each post you find on your feed now has a bookmark icon underneath it. Tapping the said icon puts the post to a tab that you can find on your profile page.

As for the privacy setting, know that these saved posts are only visible to you. This means that you will no longer need to remember who posted what just so you can come back and check the post at a later time. You just need to save them to your private tab for later viewing. With this great feature, you can save all the funny videos you see alongside the travel inspirations you find on your feed. To view them, just go to your Instagram profile page and find the same bookmark icon in there. It is usually at the rightest right of the tab icons.

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