BMW And McLaren Reconnect To Build New Engines

The next generation of engines are being developed for the auto industry and BMW and McLaren have once again teamed up to do it. With two of the biggest names in the auto industry working together, the consumers will probably be in for a treat when the development has been completed.

The BMW And McLaren Connection

According to report, BMW and McLaren are currently working together to increase the power of engines that will be fitted in McLaren models but the engines will also have to meet the requirements in the aspect of emissions. It was also mentioned that BMW and McLaren will work with a few well-known companies such as Ricardo, Grainger and Worall, Lentus Composites and Universty of Bath. Ricardo is known for helping McLaren with its current engine called M838T, which is capable of dishing out more than 700 horsepower. Grainger and Worall will be taking care of the casting while Lentus Composites will handle the composite materials as reported.

Not The First Time Team-Up

Apparently, this is not the first time that BMW and McLaren are teaming up. According to TopGear, the two giant automakers have already joined forces before and the result is the engine that is currently used in the McLaren F1. Given how successful the first joint venture has been, many are expecting another positive result in the partnership between BMW and McLaren.

BMW And McLaren: Endless Possibilities

With BMW and McLaren once again teaming up, many speculations have already been circulating. Some say that a Turbulent Jet Ignition will be one of those that will possibly be developed by the BMW and McLaren partnership. At this point, there are many details that are still being kept under wraps. One thing is certain however, and that would be the fact that the partnership between BMW and McLaren will definitely bring the market something that will transcend the conventional norms of engines.

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