Parking App Pays People To Take Photos Of Illegal Parking

By Andy Franco , Feb 03, 2017 12:08 PM EST

The British parking firm called UK Car Park Management, which is responsible for car parks of NHS, Tesco and McDonalds, rolled out an app that gives out money to people who can help report illegal parking problems. The parking app is meant for small businesses who may have a hard time in patrolling their own car parks. Professional wardens and Automatic Number Plate Recognition machines were previously the only things used by Car Park Management to determine the offenders.

Users must download the "i-Ticket" app and make an account. After a successful installation on a mobile device, the user can upload a photo of the car that was illegally parked. The app will direct users to their parking spaces and check out the area for illegal parking. The car park company will offer the uploader with £10, which is around $13 through the mobile app.

The owner of the snapped vehicle will then get an unfortunate fine of £60 or $75. What's worse is that the fine turns into £100 or $125 when it remains unpaid within two weeks. Offenders will not be able to get their revenge easily on the people who reported them as the service promises to be completely confidential.

"The photo uploaded to the app is just the evidence and every one is looked at by a member of staff before a ticket is printed," says the CPM boss, James Randall.

Once in a while, there is going to be an app that will gain considerable user attraction. There was a Chinese beautifying app called "Meitu", which users enjoyed while turning any person into a cute anime-like character. There was, of course, Pokemon Go, which had people going to streets just to snatch a virtual pokemon. For now, it's unclear whether the parking app, which turn can people into paid and active eye witnesses will be a hit.

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