Heroin Program Uses Device To Ease Pain Of Withdrawal

New treatment for heroin-addicted offenders includes using a device to ease the pain of withdrawal as part of a heroin program. The program have started at the Greenwood City Court on Monday. Those on probation who are addicted to heroin are given the opportunity to enter a three-step program as opposed to entering jail.

Heroin addicts are given a small device called the Neuro-Stim System Bridge at the start of the program. The device is the size of a quarter and is worn behind a person`s ear. The Indiana-made device assists the users in recovering from drug addiction by getting through withdrawal symptoms much easily.

The device works by blocking the part of the brain that fires pain signals. This provides significant help to the users as it makes the process of withdrawal less painful. Authorities are hopeful that the modified heroin program will attract more heroin addicts to sign up.

“We said a year ago that this would change the face of recovery and there is no question nationally that this is changing the face of recovery,” Sen. Jim Merritt said of the merits of the device. Drug rehabilitation centers in six Indiana cities are currently using the bridge device. Greenwood is the first local government to try it out, the Fox 59 reports.

Greenwood City Court Judge Lewis Gregory explained how the device will help people make it through the pains of withdrawal in just five days. After this time, they will enter rehabilitation which is a combination of counseling and medication. Sen. Jim Merritt said that if the Greenwood pilot program is successful, this would encourage other courts to embrace it, the South Bend Tribune reports.

For now, insurance does not cover the cost of the device. But the apparent success is making people support it. Supporters hope that the states' Medicaid program, and commercial insurers will start covering the device if the heroin program continues to succeed.

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