Health Warning: Skipping Breakfast Increases Risk For Heart Diseases

Researchers have issued a health warning on those who skip breakfast as doing so increases your risk of getting a heart disease. They have also taken a closer look at our eating patterns and have concluded that snacking late at night and a lack of meal planning adds another cause for cardiovascular disease and other medical problems.This scientific findings were published this week in the journal Circulation by the American Heart association (AHA).

The rule of eating three meals a day has been abandoned by many due to a variety of modern day reasons. However, the AHA stresses that skipping breakfast and late night snack times are significantly causing heart diseases even in young people. Steps should be taken to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity caused by improper meal timing.

Researchers at New York's Columbia University gave a health warning that our eating habits can have an effect on blood pressure, weight, and insulin resistance. They demonstrated in the study that the timing and frequency of meals are as important as the food we put in our bodies. The scientists particularly focused in breakfast which has been most affected by our changing lifestyles, the CTV News reports.

Researchers noted that people who had breakfast daily have lower high blood pressure and more controlled cholesterol levels, in comparison to those who skipped the first meal of the day. Those who skipped breakfast and snacked throughout the day run the risk of weight gain, obesity, diabetes and heart problems. As many as 30 percent of U.S. adults routinely skip breakfast, and are projected to manifest symptoms of the diseases, the Thomson Reuters Zawya reports.

"Meal timing may affect health due to its impact on the body's internal clock. However, more research would need to be done in humans before that can be stated as a fact," Marie-Pierre St-Onge, the lead author, stated. The researchers recommend meal planning, and intentional eating to combat emotional bingeing. The health warning reiterates that breakfast must be regularly taken and late night snacks be fiercely avoided to prevent the development of chronic diseases.

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