The More You Check E-Mails, The More You Get Sick

The Association of Psychological Science (APS) released new studies which tackle the effect of after-hours email in professionals. The study proves that the more a person checks his email, the more it is stressful for him. This stress can lead to burnout and exhaustion which is the root cause of different diseases. This is similar to a German study which involved 24,000 participants who already formed a habit of constantly checking their work-related emails for more than 24 hours a day.

Another study drew data from the 4th European Survey on Working Conditions. This showed that consistent connectivity in checking emails might not only lead to stress, but also the acceleration of several illnesses. APS also said that the results obtained revealed that people who checked their emails more frequently than the prescribed number of hours have also obtained higher rates of health woes. These include cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. This can also cause several behavioral effects like being irritable, impatient, restless and unproductive, among other diseases.

According to INC, a french law has been recently approved to give local employees the “right to disconnect.” This law obliges firms to protect their people from after-hours work email. On the contrary, US employees are barraged with after-hours email that is why most of them are at risk of being more sick.

Furthermore,lifehack reported that more than 40% of people asked said that they checked their emails between six to 20 times per day. Back in 2009, a survey revealed that 56.4% of people only check their email only up to five times per day. Emails are not only associated with triggering diseases among humans, but also in espionage. Yahoo agreed to secretly search among its users' incoming emails. The said search was hidden for unknown causes. This is similar to information obtained from unknown former Yahoo employees.

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