Studio Ghibli's 'The Red Turtle' Wins At Annie Awards, Disney Has 10 Winners Including 'Zootopia'

By Rae Mendez , Feb 06, 2017 04:32 AM EST

The recent Annie Awards just took place on Feb. 4 in Los Angeles, California and it has bestowed awards to different animated movies in various categories. Notable winners are Studio Ghibli’s “The Red Turtle” and Disney’s “Zootopia”. Disney also nabbed 10 awards from different categories that night.

“The Red Turtle” was nominated for five categories at the 44th Annie Awards but it only won one. “The Red Turtle” nabbed one of the highest award that night, which was Best Animated Feature – Independent. The said animated movie is a joint project between Studio Ghibli and the western studio, Wild Bunch, and is directed by Dutch-British animator Michael Dudok de Wit.

The Red Turtle” is a simple animated story that revolves around a shipwrecked man stranded on an island who then meets a giant red turtle. The said animated film, in particular, has no dialogue and it premiered at the Cannes in May 2016. “The Red Turtle” has also been nominated for Best Animated Feature at the upcoming Oscar Academy Awards.

Meanwhile, Disney’s “Zootopia” took home the highest award at the 44th Annie Awards and it was Best Animated Feature. “Zootopia” in fact was honored with more awards that night including Character Design, Directing, Storyboarding, Voice Acting, Writing, all in an Animated Feature Production. “Zootopia” was indeed an animated movie that deserved all its honor as it became a surprise hit grossing more than $1 billion in the box office, which Disney did not expect at all.

Disney also got some of their other animated productions to win an Annie Award that night. “Moana” was recognized for Animated Effects and also for Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production. The stunning “The Jungle Book” remake took home the award for Character Animation in a Live Action Production. And of course, “Disney Mickey Mouse” was honored with Editorial in a TV/Broadcast Production for its “Sock Burglar” episode.

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