Quant 48Volt 760HP Supercar To Run On Eco-Friendly Electrolyte Fuel

By Edge Ison , Feb 06, 2017 05:29 AM EST

A new concept supercar that goes by Quant 48Volt also goes from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just under 3 seconds. It does so by using environment-friendly electrolyte fuel. Impressed?

While still a concept, NanoFlowcell's Quant 48Volt is already turning heads in the auto world. NanoFlowcell, a German startup, is expected to showcase the Quant 48Volt at the Geneva Auto Show which will be held in March. The concept supercar, meanwhile, will showcase its impressive features that already look good on the spec sheets.

According to Digitial Trends, the Quant 48Volt will utilize the company's next-generation zero-emissions drivetrain technology. This means the Quant 48Volt will use salt to generate electricity which will power four electric motors that provide 760 horsepower to all its wheels. The electrolyte fuel-powered vehicle is reportedly capable of reaching 100 kilometers per hour or 62 miles in just 2.4 seconds which will beat the claim of China's Nio EP9 as the fastest electric car ever by 0.3 seconds. The Quant 48Volt can also reach a top speed of 186 mph which is the limit for electronic cars.

There is no definite date yet as to when the Quant 48Volt will be officially released since it is still a concept. Engadget expects the company to experience some difficulty before the supercar finally hits the market. First, NanoFlowcell must convince prospective buyers that it can get the job done. In 2015, the NanoFlowcell unveiled the 1,000HP Quant F but nothing has since materialized of its impressive plan. And now that the company has plans for another concept supercar in the Quant 49Volt, some are having doubts whether NanoFlowcell can push through with its promise. The company did say that it will release something in 2018 though it is not clear which concept car it is talking about.

Another potential drawback with the Quant 48Volt is the possible lack of gas stations that will provide pumps for electrolyte fluids. NanoFlowcell stressed that existing gas stations are capable of providing the fuel but admits that there may be a lot of convincing involved since the Quant 48Volt will be the only vehicle that would require the electrolyte fuel.

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